What are the 16 Neigong-principles?

The 16 Neigong-principles is a term for all the internal form that goes into qigong and makes it qigong. They are the core of what qigong is - in a sense, without them, qigong doesn´t exist. In traditional qigong, the 16 are what it´s about; they are what makes qigong work. You can read more about internal and external form in the text Traditional Qigong on this page. We really do recommend you to read that text before you read this one, as it will give you the most use and understanding of the information here.

This version of the 16 Neigong-principles – as well as the term itself - was systemized and written down by the Taoist qigong-master Bruce Frantzis, with help from his teacher, the Taoist Master Liu Hongjie. This text is meant to be a short, easy guide to what the 16 Neigong-princples are, and how they work. We hope it will be useful for you.