Advice on how to deal with stress

Hi. This text is written for you who have stress-problems. This means that this text will use easy and simple language. If you´re really stressed, it is often difficult to think clearly. There is so much buzzing around in your head, and it just seems like none of it can be turned off.

So, just to make things really simple here, we will make sure this text is easy to read, and very clear. There´s no rush here. This text will still be on the site tomorrow. You can return to it later today, or whenever, later on. If you feel like you´re losing your concentration, simply let it be for right now and continue tomorrow. That´s completely okay. There´s no rush. And just to be really clear about it: the only way you never heal stress-problems is through rushing it, being in a hurry to get well. Take it easy.

Oh, and welcome.