The Internal Martial Arts – Neijiaquan

Welcome. In this text we will go through the basic characteristics and principles of the martial arts generally known as the Neijiaquan, the Internal Martial Arts. Their views and training is quite different from most martial arts, one of which is that all training should be done in a fashion that makes you healthier and more relaxed, not just giving you an ability to defend yourself and others, but becoming increasingly healthy and balanced on the way.

If you have skipped directly to this text I would warmly recommend you to first read the text on Traditional Qigong, as it will make it much easier to understand and digest what is written here. Remember that everything in traditional qigong-training is supposed to be included in the internal martial arts. If you want to get the most out of this text, then first read the text traditional qigong. If you want to deepen your understanding even more, then read the text called 16 Neigong, as they are all included in the internal martial arts. Further on, there will be texts that deepen specific facets of the training of the internal martial arts. Before you read those, read this text as the foundation.

And again, welcome to Living Stillness.