Dealing with Difficult People: a one-day workshop in Malmoe, Sweden, 2009

Most of us meet people who we find difficult to deal with. People where all our usual techniques learnt in life simply fail. This can be more of a problem if you have a job where you need to deal with people who are emotionally distraught or ill, including such work as health-care, police, social services, as well as working in the service industry and dealing with "difficult people" on a daily basis until it wears you down.

Please note that this workshop can also be taught and tailored for your company or team, and taught at your workplace.

During this one-day workshop, 30-year NLP practitioner, teacher and co-founder of the Professional Guild of NLP, Cricket Kemp will give you a tool-box of techniques and ways to deal with "difficult" people. These techniques will:

Help you avoid having each difficult person stick to you and force you to "bring them home" after work

Let you not get sucked in into their problem or anger, which lets you feel better when you get home and also makes you better at your job itself

Slowly move towards the ideal situation of a "win-win", where you aren´t bothered by them and still can send them off a little more settled or content than when they turned up

Let you see how these techniques can be used to change your own behaviour to be more useful, as well as change the state of negative patterns of behaviour in your family-life before they become difficult to alter

Date and time: 27/11 2009, the day before the start of the NLP Practitioner.

Price: 1500 SEK, 120£

Final date for signing up: Payment books your place. Payment before October 1st 2009 price as above, payment after October 1st, 1700 SEK/140£.

Contact: Daniel Skyle, at or 0046 702 23 28 95.

There is a limited number of spaces on this course to keep high quality in the skills you learn, so please sign up in time to ensure your place.