About the teacher

Daniel Skyle is the founder of Living Stillness. He teaches traditional qigong, traditional Tai Chi and traditional meditation full time. He has been training for 21 years and teaching full-time for 12.

He has trained qigong and daoist meditation for various teachers. Since 2003 he´s an inner-door student of the chinese master Ma Baoguo, who is a lineage holder within another branch of Taoism and who teaches Chen-style Tai Chi, Hunyuan Qigong and Xingyi. You can read in depth about both in the section Our teachers.

Originally trained as a journalist and writer, Daniel has been writing about qigong and Tai Chi for more than a decade, and is the only journalist in Sweden specialized in the field. These days he writes mainly for the english market, writing regularly for the british Tai Chi Chuan Magazine, the in-house magazine for the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. He has also written for the European Internal Arts Magazine. Currently he focuses much of his time on the website of Living Stillness, the swedish section of which, www.levandestillhet.se, now holds over 400 pages of information about qigong, meditation, health and other topics in the field, all written directly for the Web.

Daniel Skyle specializes in tailormaking Qigong, Tai Chi, and meditation for the individual practitioner, which is the old way of teaching that is sadly lacking in the West. Among his other specialities are how you treat stress injuries with these techniques. He is also one of the few teachers who regularly inform the public about what happens when the material is practiced in the wrong way or with an incompetent teacher, and how you treat energy-injuries, zouhuo rumo.

He practices qigong, meditation, the Internal Arts of Xingyi, Bagua and Tai Chi and various daoist qigongs. He has also trained with lineage-holders of Scottish Storytelling-traditions, and trained in overtone chanting, which weaves both into teaching, meditation, and storytelling.

He initiated the Living Stillness Information Program, which is dedicated to bringing information about the old, traditional style of training to the public. The old version gives optimal health-benefits, but is being watered out more and more. Living Stillness Information Program goes out both in open, free lectures, in articles, and on the web. The goal is to try to keep dying traditions alive.

Living Stillness also works with NLP to increase the precision of diagnosis and goals both for individuals and corporations.