Tailormade private lesson-programs

Living Stillness specializes in tailormaking qigong and meditation for individuals. Our private lesson-programs are tailormade after diagnosis of the student, then woven together with their intention with their training, and their work, life, and surroundings.

This is one of specializations that Daniel Skyle, the founder of Living Stillness, has focused on, and it is the old way to teach both qigong and meditation. First lesson is always only diagnosis, and a go-through of the intention the student has with his or her training - or a helpful hand in how you discover what your actual intention is. Then we put together a program for that specific student and their current goals. Continuous private lessons will deepen information and take the training further. They will be aimed at teaching techniques, qigong-sets or just single movements tailormade for your specific problems right now, or tailormade to optimize your ability to do your job right now. The minimum of most private lesson-programs is six lessons. If you take more, you increase your skills and the effect the training will have for you. We will continously re-diagnos and monitor the system of the student to alter and tailor the training-progress, both to suit your body, mind, energy-system, intention and current life. If you are not a regular student at Living Stillness, the minimun amount of lessons you can book is two, as the first lesson is only diagnosis.

The goals of private lesson-programs vary depending on the individual. You have three main possibilities. The first is to build up your training and your health. This is usually step one for almost everybody. The second is to tailormake your current training into being more effective, or deepen your current training to the next level, or simply fill in gaps that prior teachers have missed. The third is to optimize your ability to do your job, whichever job that is. Material can be tailormade for any job. With certain topics we will insist on a minimum amount of lessons, as they need more time to be done safely and to make it worth the students time and ours.

You can also read the overviews of the Individually Adapted Qigong-programs to get more ideas about why you want a private lesson-program, and what specific things we could help you with:IAQ-paket. You will also find a wealth of information under the section What is qigong: texts and in the section for our lectures.

For corporate clients or governmental agencies we tailormake information for individuals, professions, workplace, and have different programs with qigong, meditation, and NLP för employees, middle-management executives, and CEOs. You can access more information about this in the section Corporate Programs - where you´ll also find a small story to illustrate a couple of examples of tailormade solutions, and how we teach them.

When you book, or check in for current availability, please mail us at info@livingstillness.se or call us at, mobile, 0046+(0)702/23 28 95.