Energetic self-defence, energy-sensitivity, and wei qi

Welcome. In this text we will take a closer look at three subjects that weave into each other. The first is what we at Living Stillness call energetic self-defence. The second is energy-sensitivity, and the third is what traditional chinese medicine, meditation, and qigong, call wei qi, ”protective energy”, here in the West often referred to as ”the aura”.

This section in particular is also written to deepen the understanding for those who sign up for the workshop by the Taoist master Bruce Frantzis, in Malmoe, Sweden, in 2008, where he will teach the basics of a qigong-set known as Dragon and Tiger which deals extensively with the wei qi. Among other things it teaches you to wake up your wei qi, and slowly how to clean it of energetic junk – both your own and that which is projected from other people. You can read more about this workshop in the sidebar, if you wish, or more about Bruce Frantzis himself under the section Our Teachers.